Calvin Strip

Magic Mike

This show is a full choreographed strip show with theme to match going down to Calvin Klein underwear, usually chosen for a more toned down show or if there are children present at birthday parties for example.

Full Monty Strip


The more popular of the strips, it runs longer, you see more yet it is a non offensive show. The Perth show has a theme and a full choreographed performance but goes further than the Calvin Show. What's the point in having a stripper if he doesn’t get it all off!!! Show duration - 15-20 mins How

2-3 Man Dance Shows


These shows are simply sexy male themed dance shows in Perth! For the girls that don’t want any stripping or interaction. More of a observing performance. Sit back and relax while watch the boys perform in front of you with the mind blowing dance routines featuring dance styles of Breakdance, hip hop and funk. CHOOSE

DUO Male Strip

Magic Mike Cop DUO

These shows are very popular for larger groups of girls.They incorporate two guys on two girls at the same time. These shows are all specially choreographed with special themes as seen below. If you're going to order a stripper why not have two at the same time to a theme of your choice. Book the

All Male Group Dance Show

300 Spartans All Male Dance Show

ALL THESE PERTH SHOWS BELOW CAN BE YOUR NEXT ULTIMATE LADIES NIGHT THEME!!! ASK FOR MORE DETAILS!!! How to Book a Strip Show and Pricing Magic Mike 2 SEX XL Have you watched Magic Mike XXL? Have you watched the final convention strip performance with Channing Tatdum? Just like in the attached image the boys will

Ultimate Ladies Night Out

Trueblood PosterV08

The Ultimate Perth ladies night out is a specially choreographed male review by Top Shelf Entertainment. These nights are put into 3 different categories. Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Top Shelf Perth pride themselves on putting together exciting professional themes all involving dancing stripping to create not just a collaboration of strippers but a cabaret