These shows are very popular for larger groups of girls.They incorporate two guys on two girls at the same time. These shows are all specially choreographed with special themes as seen below. If you’re going to order a stripper why not have two at the same time to a theme of your choice. Book the DUO Male Strip.

  • Show length -30 mins
  • Number of performers – 2

How to Book a Strip Show and Pricing

Magic Mike 2 SEX XL Male  Strip DUO

Magic Mike 2 SEX XL DUO

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Fire and Ice DUO

Fire and Ice

A mixture of the two elements from a heated up Fireman from Ladder 49 to the cool as ice Pilot from Top Gun. These 2 Perth shows match together and create an awesome double strip performance, Book the FIRE and ICE show now!

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Magic Mike Cop DUO

DUO Cops

Ever had the Perth police rock up to your door step saying it’s too loud or shut the party down? Well this is the perfect idea for your next hen’s party!!! Just like in the movie Magic Mike, the boys will rock up to your party in full police uniform arresting the party for noise and complains when all of a sudden it twist to a DUO COP STRIP SHOW!!! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS!… WATCHA GONNA DO…? WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU??? Book the cops!!!

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Fireman 2

DUO Fireman

Perth Fireman are always a popular fantasy! With big red hoses bright yellow fire pants and muscle bound men! TWO FIREMAN AT THE SAME TIME… Enough said.

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Raining Men

Raining Men

Who in Perth has watched the movie Magic Mike? Who has seen the raining men number with Channing Tadtum? Well this show Duo Strip involves 2 boys fully dressed up in raincoats suit pants hats ties and umbrellas to the sounds of “ITS RAINING MEN HULLELUJA” get this duo for a wet wet hot steamy show with dance moves to match the grinding type.

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The A-Team


This Duo is for the army strong man lovers. This Perth show involves full on army chants and marching themes. The boys come out to the sounds of the A-Team with full bullet proof vests boots and guns! Marines at the same time always a winner! Book the Commandos!!

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The Out Lawz DUO


These two Perth gun slingers make billy the kid look like a child! From the dusty outback of Western Australia comes the all new DUO Cowboy show with a stand off, there is only one catch…! You are all in the middle of it!!!! YEEEEHAAAA!!!

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Mortal Kombat Male Strip Show Theme

The Ninjas

Two highly trained Perth assassins with skills that will blow your mind! These two ninjas scorpion and sub zero join forces to bring you a full breakdance and acrobatic performance before it slows down to get naughty with the ninjas.

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Fast and the Furious Male Strip Show Theme

2 Fast Too Furious

The sounds of screeching tires, engines red lining these two guys will come out as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker from ‘The Fast and The Furious’ all choreographed to suit your need for speed fantasy right here in Perth.

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